• One question engages us for a long time !!

    Is there an easy way, to built online something big?

    Since 14. August 2016 we know it !
    On this day launched ZAR Fund and enjoys since then at a frenzied growth.

  • Product

    What is Zarfund?

    Zarfund is the first donations-platform with bitcoins all over the world. And this ensures that donations arrives very fast the recipients.
    Zarfund offers only a member to member donation-platform. Without detour or fees, 100% and free of charge. Members are controlling themselves.


What's Zarfund

Zarfund is not 0 8 15 program. "Member to Member" means: get IMMEDIATELY monetary gifts from other participants. The money is flowing to 100% for the recipient. ZERO PERCENT management fees and 100% free.

Strong team

No cheating, no gimmick. There are regular webinars and trainings. With a donation of 0.03 BTC any REAL financial freedom can achieve.
This international Zarfund platform can help.

Peer to Peer

You will receive donations from members on a voluntary basis. Another reason, which is totally exhausted towards snowballing speculation: The platform is for any 100% free, there are no fees payable and the donations go 100% to the appropriate partner.

donation platform

An automatic ensures that new donors who sign up directly to the platform without using a REF-Link, be assigned any upline. Thus, it would receive donations theoretically possible even without their own partners.

How it works - Watch the video

  • Registration ZAR Fund on Ref-Link of the recommender
  • Activation of Level 1 through a donation of 0.03 BTC to the Ref-Link - owner, thereby enabling the own Ref-Links
  • Adding new donations donors (at least 1 each for the right and left leg of the binary structure) by passing its own Ref-Links or by spillover from the upline
  • After activating the new donations donors (through a donation to the right above it in the system, this is the BitCoin back office - address given) they are also entitled to disclose your ref-link.
  • If 2 donation donors are activated in Level, you can selbt upgrade to Level 2 by can unlock the back office for it - by pressing the "Dashboard" the [Upgrade to next level] which is the next in the list of donors with its BitCoin wallet gets displayed to send 00:05 BTC
  • The procedure to level 6 is always the same!
  • Starting from level 4 can be set up another parallel system



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    „Finally a platform that enables repeatedly donations. And so simple. “
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    „It is wonderful to feel the excitement everywhere and the team spirit motivates addition“
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    „A safe and fast platform. Uses each. These Bitcoins could not be better.“
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    „ZARFUND is surely the the best i have ever seen! Everything easy about bitcoin and every month! TOP!!“
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    „I am here at ZarFund to finally fulfill my dreams. Unfortunately, I had, in the financial field not always lucky! Well, I hope here at ZarFund to finally attain financial independence. I thank you in advance for your support. “
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    „Ich bin eingestiegen da weren noch keine 200 Leute dabei. Ich bin begeistert wie mein Zarfund Team und mein Bitcoin Konto wachsen“

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The rapid success for anyone and everyone is ensured by spillover. Even faster you reach the target set by the system will get worn and therefore shows also other possibilities for your success.