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Welcome to the ZARFUND Platform.
ZARFUND is a platform for financial management of groups of people
and aims to help members achieve financial freedom in a short time.

If you have joined this platform via a link, please register and then log in and follow the instructions set in your back office.

Zarfund works in much the same way as the traditional "tontine" system except for a few minor differences. 
Except that the difference is going to be huge in terms of benefits.
The biggest difference between the traditional tontine system and ZARFUND lies in the financial freedom or independence that ZARFUND grants to members
In ZARFUND, no one owes the other whatever the amount you receive, you have the right to do what you want with it, it is 100% yours.
To further reinforce this principle Zarfund accepts partners who join with it to self register their members. This means that a company or NGO can pay for a member and offer an account and the opportunity to earn money to their client or member.
Tutorials on how the website works are underway
The aim of the system is to allow each member to have more and more money to be able to fulfil their potential; 
Thus, Zarfund provides for 10 functional groups with an entry fee and an exit fee.
Each group consists of 15 people.
You only pay once from your pocket or from the partner organisation that pays for you
As soon as you pay the entry fee for the first functional group, which is $20, or a Zarfund partner pays for your qualification, you will receive twice the equivalent of your first payment of $20. You will therefore receive $40 from your first two direct payments. Then 30 dollars from your 4 indirect payments, that's 120$ dollars; 
You can continue in the second functional group.
The entry fee for the second functional group is $60, but you received $130 in the first group, so you have enough to pay and if you want to stop, that's up to you.

To summarise, here are the different amounts at the entrance to each group and what you earn at the exit.

- Donate $20, receive $130
- Give $60, receive $390
- Donate $180, receive $1070
- Donate $540, receive $3510
- Donate $1620, receive $10530
- Donate $4860, receive $31590
- Donate $14580, receive $94770
- Donate $43740, receive $284310
- Donate $131220, receive $984150
- Donate $393660, receive $2,361,960.01

The tutorials explaining how the platform works are currently being developed.
In these tutorials we will teach you from start to finish how to use the site.

How to register?
How to connect?
How and why to update your urgeament payment information?
How to find your upline and downline addresses? 
Who to send the payment to at the entrance and who to pay the update to?
Where to find your referral link?
How do you advertise your own products from your back office?
And many other terms

Please contact us through the support ticket for all your concerns.